Your Responsibility

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was 1949 and East-West tensions were high. Seeking to be ready for any conflicts that might arise, the Western nations formed the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and named Dwight Eisenhower as its leader.

The task at hand was great and there were many disagreements about what should be done. Meeting with NATO’s key executives, Eisenhower heard a series of complaints: The problems seemed too big; resources were too limited.

Frustrated by this negative approach, Eisenhower made it clear: The complaining had to stop. Everyone had to do what they could.

“Now get at it!” he said as he banged the podium and walked out. An observer commented that the defeatist attitude disappeared. Suddenly there was “an air of determination.”

Many believers find themselves like those leaders. They’re constantly complaining…paralyzed with uncertainty…feeling overwhelmed.

At such times, we should remember the message God gave to Ezekiel: He was to concentrate on the ministry he had been given. Once he obeyed, he had fulfilled his responsibility. However, if he failed to deliver the message, God would hold him accountable.

Today, remember that you are special in God’s sight. He has a calling just for you. This is a personal mission, along with special resources. Your assignment is to hear His call and obey, investing the resources you have been given. And then trust the results to Him.

Ask God to help you concentrate on your assignments and fulfill the goals He has given you. Seek to be faithful. Don’t be a complainer. Believe God. Trust His Word. Put the resources He has given you into practice.