Your Potential

Your Potential

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

On the day Israel’s armies faced the Philistines, David was not taking care of his father’s sheep but observing the confrontation with Goliath. As the older brother, Eliab had known David all his life. He thought David was being irresponsible. Eliab looked at David and assumed that he was looking for a way to escape his duties.

On that same day, God looked at David and knew he needed to be molded. But He saw David’s potential.

What Eliab saw as insolence would be shaped into the boldness David later employed as the general of Israel’s army. What Eliab saw as wickedness became David’s willingness to stand alone as Israel’s future leader. What Eliab saw as David’s inexperience became the basis of David’s faith in God. In short, what Eliab saw as negative was what God saw as potential.

In the same way, God sees potential in all of us. Other people might see weaknesses and imperfections. But God is ready to use all these characteristics for good.

We can be like Eliab and focus on the negative qualities in ourselves or others. Or we can ask God to allow us to see our potential and the potential of others from His perspective.

The Bible urges us to surrender our lives to God and allow Him to shape our character, so we might be ready for His service, fulfill our potential, and live more fruitful lives.