Your Loving Shepherd

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Even as a boy, George Herbert impressed others with his character. Some said that he seemed “marked out for piety, and to become the care of Heaven.” When he was fifteen, he was described as being “perfect” in classical languages, particularly Greek.

Born in 1593, Hebert went on to attend Trinity College at Cambridge, England. When he was appointed the school’s public orator, it became his duty to give speeches in Latin to visiting dignitaries. At one time, some thought he was destined for a career in politics. Instead, he became a minister.

He wrote many poems. One of them told how he looked at Jesus as his shepherd. It was called “The God of Love My Shepherd Is.” Herbert knew Jesus was his shepherd, and He was motivated by love. This brought him safety and peace. “While He is mine, and I am His, what can I want or need?”

He knew that Jesus would lead and provide for him. And if he strayed, Jesus would correct him and bring him home. Trusting in Jesus, he had no reason to fear for He was with Him every step of the way. Herbert knew that His “sweet and wondrous love” would be with him throughout life, “as it never shall remove so neither shall my praise.”

Remember the simple truth that Jesus wants to be your shepherd, leading you, protecting you, and directing you. He loves you!