Your Inheritance from God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

“. . . so that you won’t become lazy but will be imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance.” Hebrews 6:12 HCSB

It was one of the most important legislative acts in American history. It was the Homestead Act, which Abraham Lincoln signed on this day in 1862. This Act provided qualified applicants 160 acres of public land free of charge. Over the next forty years, more than 600,000 homestead farmers filed claims. As a result, millions of acres were settled, approximately 10% of the area of the United States.

While the land was “free,” it was not just given away. Applicants needed to be either 21 years of age or the head of a family. They had to be citizens (or have filed for citizenship). They had to have lived on and cultivated the land for at least five years. And they had to file a claim and pay a nominal fee.

Thousands of people took advantage of this offer, but many did not. They sat idly by and did not stake their claim. Because they failed to act, they never received all that was available.

Many people miss many opportunities as they go through life. This even happens in the spiritual realm. For the Bible tells us that God has given each person His promises. Yet many people fail to take advantage of them. Some are ignorant of these promises, so they don’t realize what they are missing. Some know the Word but just cannot believe that it is true for them.

But the truth is that all of God’s promises really are true. He has offered each of us a great inheritance. But we must claim that inheritance.

Don’t miss the riches God already has prepared for you. Confess His promises. Have the boldness to believe that they are true for you. And don’t be timid or “lazy.” Claim your inheritance. Act with faith and confidence.


Prayer: Father, thank You for the riches You have given me. I will accept nothing less than all that You promised. I believe that Your promises are true for me. Thank You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.