Your Best

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

In isolated moments it can be easy to state what (we think) we believe (or what we want others to think). In times of prayer, we effortlessly can declare our faith and make well-in-tentioned promises. But a better test is what we actually do with our resources. These actions tangibly demonstrate what is important to us, and what we really believe. Whether or not our commitment is sincere.

We see these principles throughout the Law. God provided instructions regarding several types of offerings. Each had its own details: What could be sacrificed. How and when sacrifices were to be carried out. However, there was one standard requirement Each offering was to be their best.

As Israelites made these choices, they had opportunities to demonstrate their real priorities. Was God so important to them that they always would give Him their best? Would they be tempted to give Him less than their best?

God was demonstrating an important principle that still is true. He deserves our best. Not second-best. Not what is convenient. He already has given us everything. We demonstrate our gratitude by giving Him the best of what we have.

God is a God of the best. He gave us His best when He sent Jesus to die for us. He lavishly provides to meet our every need. And He has given us His Word filled with rich promises.

In the same way, we show our commitment by giving Him our best, in everything we do. Our work. What we do with the resources He gives us. In the offerings we bring Him. We are not to cut corners or do the least, but to serve Him with excellence. With passion. With zeal. Always doing our best. Always giving our best.