Who Impacts You?

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Caligula was a man whose very name is synonymous with evil. This tyrant ruled Rome as its emperor from 37 to 41 AD (during the early days of the Church). His reign often is remembered for wild, unpredictable behavior that resembled insanity. It was a reign marked by unprecedented waste and carnage, by immorality and cruelty. He was so unpopular and hated that, when he was assassinated, few mourned his death.

How did this all happen? One factor was the men who helped shape his life.

As a young man, Caligula, who was born on this date in 12 AD, came under the influence of a small group of advisors. One was Helicon, a man who came from Alexandria in Egypt, where he developed a strong bias against Jews. He used his influence to encourage Caligula’s erratic behavior, which included policies that often repressed the Jews. Because of men like Helicon, Caligula was steered away from reason and toward cruelty, irrationality, and violence.

Rehoboam, too, was influenced by his advisors. Instead of following the wise counsel of Israel’s elders, he chose to follow the advice of his young friends. This ultimately resulted in the division of the kingdom.

Today, you have a choice about your friends and who will influence you. Be careful to whom you listen. Remember to place your confidence in God. Stand on His Word. Pray about the problems you face, and seek His guidance. If you are sensitive to His Spirit, He will help you make the right decisions.