What We Tolerate

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God wanted to bless His people. He had prepared the Promised Land for them, and had given them His promises. If they wanted to experience maximum victory, peace, and prosperity, they simply had to obey Him. To keep His Word.

They also needed to heed His warning to be alert to dangers posed by peoples in the land. Why? These people worshiped other gods, and their lifestyle and beliefs violated His principles. As long as the Israelites were surrounded by these people, they never would be freed of their influence.

But, instead of driving out these people (with their deceptive customs and false religions), Israel tolerated them. As a consequence, God warned that they would “become as thorns in your sides” and “a snare to you.” Through their inaction, Israel sentenced themselves to perpetual problems.

The same principle is true in our lives. Through His Word, God warns of the consequences of sin and tells us to be alert to the deceptive influences, and the people who might corrupt our minds and hearts. He urges us to avoid these people and their ways, and not allow them to influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions. And God tells us that we will reap what we sow. That we need to avoid anything that might tempt us.

In your life, remember that whatever you choose to tolerate remains present in the environment around you, perpetually present like a magnet, ready to draw you away from God.

Don’t be passive, or just tolerate traps and temptations. Inaction is no excuse. Ask God to reveal the sources of temptations you might experience. And deal with them! Drive them out. Always stay alert and on guard, focused on God and His Word.