What We Know Now

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The writer had held her post for 17 years, authoring countless articles. One night, she was assigned to review a concert. It seemed like an ordinary assignment.

But that night she felt unusually tired. Juggling the responsibilities of parent and reviewer, she brought her two young children to the show (with her editor’s approval). Their presence provided expected distractions. Then, her son fell off a chair and her daughter became sick.

Weary, she left the concert, just needing to get home. Parents might sympathize with her decision. But as a reviewer, she made a critical error.

Not wanting anyone to know that she missed some of the concert, she assumed what must have been performed, and wrote about songs that actually never were performed. She did not know that changes had been made.

When reading her review, concert attenders knew she wrote about events that did not happen. When confronted, she admitted “making a bad decision.” Her editor, although sympathizing with her plight, felt forced to fire her. She had made bad judgments, and drawn conclusions based on false assumptions.

In the spiritual realm, many people make similar mistakes. They draw conclusions based on what they think might have happened, or what other people say. Many are busy and distracted, and don’t take the time to investigate the truth. Rather than digging into subjects for themselves, they make assumptions.

The Bible reminds us why we must know the truth for ourselves. Not depending on rumors or speculation, or the opinions of others. To examine the Word and know Jesus personally!

Make sure that you aren’t basing your life on assumptions, or what others have told you. Be sure about what you really know.