What Seems Impossible

What Seems Impossible

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Persia was the most powerful nation in the world. Among their conquests, they had dismantled the kingdom of Judah, destroying its buildings, removing its treasures, and exiling its leaders. In addition to being a superpower, Persia also had its own religion. It made no sense for Persia to further the religion of Judah or encourage the worship of their God.

Yet that is exactly what this announcement confirmed: The ruler of the world’s greatest empire announced he would build a temple in a far-off land for a recently defeated country! Further, this temple was being built because of the command of the Lord.

How unbelievable this must have seemed! Yet it was true! And the temple was rebuilt, just as Cyrus ordered. No development could have been more shocking and unexpected to the people of that time!

How would we have faced a situation like this? Would we have had faith that God could do something this miraculous? Each of us constantly faces various challenges, problems that seem insurmountable, and situations that seem hopeless. Facing such problems, it is easy to give up.

These are moments to remember the miracle He performed for Israel at the time of Cyrus. If God could arrange events to direct this king of Persia to build a temple for Him, is there anything too hard for Him? Remember, He truly is the God of the impossible!