What If

What If

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesJanuary 8, 20192 Minutes

How would we have reacted if we were in the Garden of Eden instead of Adam and Eve?

God gave them an environment filled with riches. They simply had to do things His way. But the serpent urged them to set their own standards and make their own decisions. If they did, he said they would become “like God, knowing good and evil.”

Believing this argument, they tasted the fruit and felt empowered…until they realized they had defied God. They felt compelled to hide from Him. But, in His presence, they realized they had cut themselves off from His blessings. In a sense, they were on their own.

In reality, we face questions like this every day. Opportunities to evaluate our priorities and standards. Crossroads where decisions need to be made. Determining what to believe.

How often voices in the world urge us to follow the same logic provided by the serpent. To ignore or reinterpret God’s Word, and go our own way. They argue that believing in God and the Bible are outdated ideas. That we don’t need to be concerned about Him. That to be free and fulfilled, we must go our own way.

Today, remember that you have the opportunity to decide what direction you will take. To whom will you listen? Remember that God had promised blessings beyond anything you can imagine. But receiving those blessings requires that you do things His way.

Make the right choice!