What God Looks For

What God Looks For

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Everyone was surprised. When they thought of a king, no one in Israel considered David to be a candidate. Not even his father, Jesse.

When it became necessary to find a new king, God directed Samuel to Jesse’s family in Bethlehem. Each of his sons had admirable attributes. Samuel seemed particularly impressed with the oldest, Eliab. Samuel might have expected God to select him: He looked like a king. He also seemed to have good experience.

On all grounds, David seemed unqualified. He was the youngest. His only experience was as a shepherd. And his appearance was not impressive. But God reminded Samuel that He had different standards. People look “at the outward appearance,” but God was looking “at the heart.”

As a shepherd, David had developed a personal relationship with God and demonstrated uncommon bravery. He had the right attitude and had been faithful in every challenge.

Today, learn from the calling of David. Realize that God has a calling on your life. He has chosen and prepared you for a specific assignment. Be ready whenever He calls you! Be faithful in every task. Seek to have a heart that pleases God. Be faithful with the resources He provides. Seek first His kingdom. Learn to be led by His Spirit.

Don’t let anyone – or any task – intimidate you but trust Him. Remember, He has equipped and prepared you. He is with you. That is all that matters.