Victory over Evil

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When she was just 20, Helen left her home in Zambia and moved to Botswana (north of South Africa). It was a place of widespread immorality and animism, but she was sure that this was God’s call. Even though she knew that God was her “Protector,” she “came to face fear in different forms.”

After living in a village for nearly a year, one day she was helping the headman’s wife pound grain. The wife suddenly asked her, “Who is your father?” The reason? Many assumed her father was a witchdoctor.

In fact, the headman had decided that Helen was a “troublemaker” and had been looking for a way to kill her. He had sent several “strong witches who do black magic” to her house. But, to their amazement, they could not do anything. Why? They saw “fire around her house!” Helen realized that God was protecting her supernaturally. Her fears were replaced with “His presence and indescribable peace.”

But these men would not accept defeat. Another witch arrived and was sent to her house. People were convinced that she would be dead in the morning. But, instead of seeing the corpse they expected, they saw Helen, sweeping her yard! The only explanation they could figure out was that her “father had to be a very strong witch.”

This was the opportunity Helen had been waiting for. She told the headman’s wife about Jesus and the power of the Gospel, and the woman gave her heart to the Lord.

These same spiritual forces are at work not just in Africa but around the world. But, as Helen discovered, Believers have no reason to fear. We have the same authority Jesus demonstrated when He spoke the Word and delivered two demon-possessed men.

Today, stand strong in your faith, confident in God. Ready to use the authority He has given you.