Ungodly Leaders

Ungodly Leaders

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Recently a professor of religion at a major university confessed that he no longer believed in God. He described being born again as a teenager, so devout that he memorized entire books of the Bible. But he had come to reject Christianity and felt compelled to proclaim his new truth.

Although an atheist, this man still is considered an expert on religion, ready to use his influence to teach his atheistic beliefs.

His story reminds us of the sons of Eli. As priests, they had a special calling to represent God. But they proved unworthy of this office, taking advantage of their position for personal pleasure and gain. They were worthless men and did not even know God! They didn’t care about the trust they had been given. Eventually they were judged, but before they fell, they shattered many lives.

Throughout history, others have been more interested in spreading their own ideas than serving God. This is true even today. Many celebrities, authors, and so-called experts try to persuade us with their ideas. Some may speak clever words and appear religious, but this does not mean that they truly know God or have the answers.

Remember that the enemy is all around you. Make sure that you know God personally and intimately. Be careful to whom you listen, regardless of how convincing they might sound. Live according to God’s Word. And be on the alert for deception.