Unexpected Sources

Unexpected Sources

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Everything seemed lost. Returning from a raiding mission, David and his men discovered that Amalekites had captured their wives and family members. Their city had been burned. Their possessions were taken.

In this desperate moment, David cried out to God, who told him to pursue these Amalekites. But there still was so much David needed to know: Where were they to go? What were they to do?

It might have been logical to do something familiar and employ a strategy they had employed in the past. But David wisely stayed open to God’s leading.

At this critical time, God provided answers from an unexpected source. They found an Egyptian who just happened to have the specific background and information David needed. Aided by this precise intelligence, the Israelites recovered everything and every one the Amalekites had carried away.

The Bible reminds us to commit our ways to God, confident that He will guide us. Always be sensitive to His Spirit. Always be open to His leading. Always remember that He might guide us in surprising ways we don’t expect. He can bring unlikely people into our lives. He can open  doors that seem closed. Or He can give us insights from unanticipated sources.

Today, commit the challenges you face to God. Ask for His guidance. Be sensitive to His leading. And don’t limit Him. He may lead you in ways that you may not expect.