Undiscovered Secrets

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a substance that changed everything. Author Ben Wilson comments that “few other materials have had such a revolutionary impact on the world.” Yet even after its discovery, it was quickly forgotten by most people, and its contributions are hardly known today.

This is gutta-percha, and the story of its impact began in an unlikely place, in the rain forests of Malaysia.

For centuries it has been used in Malaysia to develop various products important to their culture. When first observed by outsiders, it “seemed to have no practical use.” Then, in 1832, the surgeon to Singapore’s President began to realize its potential. He learned that, once heated, gutta-percha became pliable and could be shaped in almost in any way.

The real key was discovering that gutta-percha was waterproof, and “shows no sign of deterioration when submerged in saltwater.” Because of this amazing property, it was “the perfect insulator for electric wire.” It became the missing ingredient needed to lay cables under the ocean. And, almost overnight, this led to a communications revolution.

The discovery of gutta-percha reminds us of the amazing diversity of God’s creation, and how much more there is to be discovered. This was central to God’s message to Job. He reminded him that He had “laid the foundations of the earth.” And that His creation was vast, beyond his comprehension. That Job needed to remember how much he didn’t understand, and how much more God could teach him.

This is a revelation that can change our lives. It starts with an attitude of humility and worship. Asking God to open our eyes to see His creation in new ways. Praying for wisdom and insight. Being teachable and open to hear from His Spirit. Believing that He can provide insights and revelations that can impact our families. Our relationships. Our health. Business and government. Science and communications. Anything. Everything.