Two Villages

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

After Mao Zedong led the Communist Party to power in China in 1949, he was treated almost like a divine being. Like many Chinese, the people in Number Ten Village, in the heart of China, sang his praises, often chanting, “Ten thousand years to Chairman Mao!”

But their world was shattered on September 9, 1976, when Mao died. As Peter Hessler describes in a recent book, when the news came over the loudspeaker, many factory workers were so stunned that they didn’t go home. For seven days, no one worked. What were they to believe? What would happen next?

Another event took place two thousand years earlier, at another village. There, many people were in shock and confused. The man they had believed was the Messiah had been beaten and crucified. Their hopes were shattered.

As two men walked toward this village of Emmaus, a stranger joined them. Only later did they realize He was Jesus, their Messiah who had risen from the dead! After their eyes were opened, they immediately began telling others the Good News! He had given them hope and new life!

The men and women of Number Ten Village in China were crushed because they trusted in a mortal man. But the men from Emmaus emerged triumphant. Why? Because they trusted in the Son of God who rose from the dead.

Remember that other people will fall short, make mistakes, fail, and disappoint you. Place your hope and trust in Jesus! He will never fail! Be eager to tell others what He’s done for you!