Turnaround in a Career

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Winston Churchill had become a “political pariah.” By 1931 many felt that his career was finished. His speeches were ignored. Many questioned the soundness of his judgment. In the words of historian William Manchester, Churchill was “out of joint with the times.”

Born into a distinguished family, early in life he achieved fame as a journalist. Then he quickly rose to prominence in politics, becoming the UK’s First Lord of the Admiralty in World War I. He experienced a setback when the Dardenelles campaign he championed ended in disaster. But he returned to office after the war, only to fall out of favor in the 1920s, as he switched parties and irritated many by opposing independence for India.

Because of his low standing, Churchill’s warnings against the rise of the Nazis were ignored. But his warnings turned out to be true. He was called back into service and led the UK through the difficult wars years, becoming one of the great leaders of the twentieth century. Churchill had experienced one of history’s great turnarounds.

In similar ways, Daniel experienced an amazing turnaround. Once a leader in Babylon’s government, Daniel seems to have been forgotten. But then there was a crisis, when no one could interpret Nebuchadnezzar’s dream. Daniel was called into service almost as a last resort.

As these examples demonstrate, people can be fickle. Opinions constantly change. We may gain or lose favor with people. We may be overlooked or taken for granted. Yet we can find stability by trusting God, whose ways are beyond time and far above popular opinion.

Today, commit your life fully to the Lord. Serve Him. And remember: People may fail you, but you always can trust in Him.