Treasuring God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The pastor was amazed. Meeting with other clergy from his region, he had made statements that, to him, seemed obvious. They simply were statements about the importance of making decisions that were consistent with the Bible. He had urged them to support Biblical principles.

To his surprise, he found himself isolated as the only pastor willing to make this commitment. Everyone else felt that the Bible was out-of-date or irrelevant, that what was important were issues such as “justice” and social change. How, he argued, could they make such stands without having the guidance of God’s Word? But no one would budge.

Today, many people feel like those clergy—even many who think they are Christians. Sadly, as this story illustrates, even some church leaders reject the authority of the Bible.

Why are they wrong? First, because the Bible is God’s blueprint for successful living. Its principles provide the guidelines to follow if we want to receive the blessings of God, our Creator. Second, His Word warns us of the dangers and temptations we will face, as well as teaches us how to avoid them and be victorious.

Do you want victory in your life? Do you want to be equipped to overcome temptation? Then make sure you know God’s Word. Read the Bible. Study the Bible. Make it your foundation. Believe its promises. Heed its warnings. Keep its commands.

Remember: Living according to His principles opens the door to His wisdom—to receiving His strength and power, protection and blessing, and all that He has prepared for you!