Trapped in a Cycle

Trapped in a Cycle

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

We easily become caught up in the drive for achievement, feel pressure to deliver results, and compete for recognition. This pattern is encouraged in the world, where people often are measured by their accomplishments. Yet, as Paul discovered, something is frustrating about this pattern.

We cannot measure up, certainly in spiritual matters. Before God, regardless of how hard we try, we never can be good enough. We may try to be perfect but still end up imperfect. Even mature believers fall short. We think impure thoughts, make mistakes, and feel condemned. This results in a vicious circle, a pattern that seems to have no escape.

Describing this frustration Paul admitted, “My own behavior baffles me” (Romans 7:15). He wanted to do what was right but still did things he regretted. What is the answer? Turn to Jesus! Depend on Him. Draw on the strength and power of the Spirit.

As Paul discovered, Jesus can free us from the tyranny of the flesh and a spirit of condemnation and feeling like we never can measure up.

Do you feel trapped? Like you live in a vicious circle? Surrender your life anew to Jesus. Remember, through Him, you now have life in the Spirit. Through Him, you can have harmony with God. You can be forgiven and have peace.

Today, surrender your life to Him. Trust Him. Draw on the power of the Spirit.