Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesJanuary 28, 20192 Minutes

For many, it seems natural to try to hide flaws or cover up mistakes. But a recent research study revealed that, more and more, consumers are expecting “transparency.” Being more open and honest.

In particular, people expressed concerns about companies that withhold information or ignore customers. Wise companies, it was reported, develop policies of openness. They are willing to admit mistakes and act with integrity.

These same issues impact our spiritual lives. The Bible reminds us, over and over again, how easily we can try to hide from God. To explain away our mistakes. But the Bible reminds us that there is nowhere we can hide from Him. That He knows everything about us. Every thought. Every action (Psalm 139).

As God revealed to the prophet Hosea, some people think they can manipulate Him. They feel they can ignore Him, go their own way, and disobey His Word. Then they want Him to rescue them when they face trouble. While desiring that we seek Him at any time, God also wants us to develop an intimate relationship with Him. To serve Him. To love His Word. To be His witnesses.

Being spiritually transparent means living in such a way that we are not being hypocrites. That we are open and honest with Him. That we have surrendered our lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ. Being filled with His Spirit. Consistent in seeking to apply the principles in His Word. Humble and admitting our mistakes. Genuine testimonies about the reality of the Gospel. Living so others can see Jesus in us. Transparent.