Transformed by a Vital Relationship

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The church in 17th century England was controlled by the state. As a result, religion tended to be very formal. George Fox became dissatisfied with this condition. For him, it was not enough to read the Bible or go to church; he wanted a vital relationship with God Himself.

One day, he had an experience with Jesus that changed his life. Christ became so real to Fox that his life was transformed. He dedicated himself to helping others get to know Jesus for themselves. He wanted people to move beyond formal religion and realize they could know Him intimately and personally.

People began responding to his message, but many of the authorities became angry. Several times he was imprisoned. In 1650, a judge laughed as he sentenced Fox on charges of blasphemy. The charge? He claimed that Jesus had taken away his sin, and that in Christ there was no sin. Fox told the judge to tremble in the fear of God. Professing Christ was not enough. Every person must make a decision to follow Him.

Refusing to compromise, Fox ceaselessly proclaimed the Gospel. As a result, he turned England upside down. Those who responded to his message—people who called themselves “Friends”—had enormous impact as people discovered a personal relationship with Jesus.

Today, remember that you have an opportunity to have a personal, intimate relationship with God Himself. Spend time with Him. Read His Word. Listen for His voice. Ask Him to speak to you, guide you, and reveal more of Himself to you. Your life will change!