Tragic Transformation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Saul seemed astonished. Was he really to be Israel’s king? How could this be true? He felt totally unqualified. Yet this is what he was told by Samuel. At the public gathering when their king was to be unveiled, Saul’s name was called, but he remained in hiding. This is how he began his reign as king—meek and totally dependent on God.

Saul maintained this attitude in the early days of his regime, reigning with humility and trusting in God’s guidance and the presence of the Holy Spirit. But gradually everything changed. Saul started acting rashly, trusting himself instead of seeking God’s will or consulting with His prophet. The king reinterpreted God’s Word to satisfy his own interests, distrusted others, and even decided that David was a rival who must be eliminated.

This kind of tragic transformation can happen to any of us. Like Saul, we can begin our lives and careers in humility, depending on the Lord. But the experience of power and success can change us. We can become proud and possessive, defensive and jealous, self-centered and protective. We can ignore or reinterpret God’s Word. Instead of serving Him, we can seek to build our own kingdom.

This is what happens when we drift away from God. Like Saul, we find that our peace is gone and our prayers aren’t being answered. In desperation, we can be tempted to embrace false ideas that lead us down wrong paths.

Today, remember that this kind of transition can happen to anyone. Be warned! Renew your complete dependence on God. Humble yourself before Him. You owe everything to Him. Everything!
Live according to God’s Word. Be sensitive to His Spirit. And never forget to give Him all the glory!