Total Confidence

Total Confidence

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Goliath was intimidating – so intimidating that no one in the Israelite army was ready to challenge this Philistine giant. But David was different.

Although just a boy, David was confident in God. He approached Goliath not in his own strength but in God’s power. He was not concerned about weapons or his personal strength. And it didn’t bother him that Goliath was bigger and stronger.

To him, this was a battle between God and those who defied Him. He was convinced that God could do anything and that He would give him victory because “the battle is the Lord’s.”

People thought David was naïve. They did not understand that the only thing that mattered was his faith in God. Defeat was not possible. Brimming with confidence, he achieved a great victory.

It can be hard simply to believe God, even for seasoned believers. But the Bible urges us to have the same kind of faith that inspired David, so we can know that He is bigger than any giant we face.

Skeptics say that Bible stories are just legends, and God cannot perform miracles. But the Bible reminds us God is the same as He was in the days of David. And He still can do anything for those with faith.

Like David, learn to trust God simply and completely. Declare His promises to be true. Be bold and don’t hold back. Believe Him for miracles and overwhelming victory!