Three Cities, Three Traps

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

How simple it can seem. To stay on track, we just need to obey God. Yet how easily we can make mistakes, and go in the wrong direction. Amos was concerned for people who did these things, who had known God but drifted away. His focus was on three cities that symbolized their mistakes.

The first was Bethel (a word that literally means “house of God”). It had been a center of worship, but became noted for its idols. Thus Bethel symbolized the effort to pursue God through religious activity. The message was that our effort is not enough. It is all useless unless it is built on a vital relationship with God. Unless He is the center!

The second city was “Gilgal” (which means “circle”). Seeking Gilgal symbolizes a focus on great places and events of the past. Even trusting in heroes or famous people. We may start with a focus on God but then, like a “circle,” find ourselves focusing on places, people, and events rather than on Him.

The third was “Beersheba” (which means “well of the seven” or “the oath”). This city, on the southern edge of the Promised Land, symbolized a place of past blessings or escape. Yet these are places where we actually might try to run from God.

These cities symbolize ways we deceive ourselves into thinking we are serving God when we are not. Amos reminded us that there is only one solution: Seek God!

We find everything we need, not through human efforts, but in God and God alone. He alone can give us the right priorities. The right perspective and attitude. The right goals.

In your life, make sure that you are seeking the Lord. This is how to have life!