The Winning Strategy

The Winning Strategy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

One of history’s most significant battles took place in July 1588 when a group of English ships defeated the Spanish Armada, which was considered invincible.

The attack had been carefully planned. Spain, then the undisputed power of Europe, had more ships, soldiers, and resources than any other nation. But despite all these advantages, the English won.

Supplies became dangerously low for the Spanish, and the English put up a good fight. But the real turning point may have been a change in wind direction, which prompted the Spanish to break off the engagement. With their hopes fading, they gave up and returned home.

The Bible provides many examples of victory and different strategies in battle. One example is the victory under Gideon when the Israelites faced an army of Midianites with superior resources. Defeat appeared inevitable, but God gave Gideon a winning strategy. They won a decisive victory, not with numbers, but because of His blessing (Judges 7).

As this victory over Midian demonstrates, the strongest forces don’t always win battles. Some might point to the impact of time and chance, but believers give credit to God. They know that He is at work, shaping all things for good for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Commit your battles to the Lord. Ask for His strategies and His wisdom. He can shape events and conditions to bring you victory against any adversary. Don’t expect defeat.