Hearing the Voice of Jesus

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born on this day in 1808 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Horatius Bonar became an enthusiastic Bible student, with a particular love of prophecy. Bonar also had a passion for souls, and wrote many tracts and more than 500 hymns. He sought to write in a simple style so anyone, particularly children, could understand the message.

In 1846, while pastoring in Kelso, Scotland, he wrote a hymn about how he had learned to commune with Jesus. He wrote, “I heard the voice of Jesus say, ‘Come unto Me and rest; lay down, thou weary one, lay down Thy head upon My breast.’ I came to Jesus as I was, weary and worn and sad; I found in Him a resting place, and He has made me glad.”

Bonar wrote how Jesus freely offered living water that any thirsty person could “stoop down, and drink, and live.” And, when he came to Jesus, he “drank of that life giving stream; my thirst was quenched, my soul revived, and now I live in Him.”

He knew that Jesus was “this dark world’s Light,” and how He asked people, “Look unto Me, thy morn shall rise, and all thy day be bright.” When Bonar looked to Jesus, “I found in Him my Star, my Sun; and in that light of life I’ll walk, till traveling days are done.”

Today, remember that Jesus wants to speak to you. He wants to relieve your burdens. He wants to give you living waters and quench your thirst. Call on Him right now and listen for His voice.