The Ultimate Destiny

The Ultimate Destiny

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The land was filled with false prophets, men inspired not by God but their own thoughts and desires. Even priests ruled “on their own authority.” They did not submit to God or seek His will. Instead, they focused on their own personal interests.

What made matters worse was that God’s people loved the actions of these priests and prophets! To God, this was “an appalling and horrible thing.” These religious leaders might have enjoyed exercising their personal power, but eventually, they would realize their own pleasures would not last into eternity.

God asked them, “What will you do at the end of it?” They failed to realize that the day was coming when their pleasures, power, and even their lives would come to an end. They would look back and see clearly how they had served themselves, but forgotten about God. They would see how they had done things that brought them immediate benefit, but for which they would pay the consequences in eternity.

You have the opportunity to learn from these men and their short-term perspective. Are you just living for today, or are you remembering the eternal consequences of your actions? Are you placing a higher emphasis on your personal interests and desires, or on serving God? Remember, one day you will face God and give an account of your life. “What will you do at the end of it?”