The Right Time

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Hananiah confronted Jeremiah, onlookers might have assumed that Hananiah was right. After all, he was a prophet. It seemed within his spiritual authority to charge that Jeremiah was not speaking for God.

But how did Jeremiah respond? By going his own way. He did not stand up, or dispute Hananiah’s claims. In fact, only after God spoke to Jeremiah did he take any action.

Why did Jeremiah go his own way? Was he afraid? Was he admitting defeat or sympathetic to Hananiah’s criticism? Did he just not want to make a scene? Was he being bold or timid, just a coward? Or was he just not clear what God wanted him to do?

We do not know his motivation, except that he was willing to walk away. He knew the possible criticisms. Yet it is clear that this willingness took courage, and faith in God, a belief that He would make it clear what should be done. He might have been tempted to do something. But He waited for God’s specific direction.

How would we react in such a situation? Would we have been quick to defend ourselves? To argue? Or would we have been willing to walk away? To wait on God? To ask Him how to respond?

In the situations you face, ask God to give you discernment, and the courage to wait for His direction. Be willing to be silent, and have the boldness to obey, regardless of the consequences. And make sure that you trust Him to show you how to say or do. And be ready to act in His time, even if this means waiting.