The Purity of God’s Word

The Purity of God’s Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Saul was confident that he had obeyed God and faithfully carried out His instructions. But the evidence proved that he was wrong! He had not obeyed God. He had deceived himself! God’s instructions were clear. Yet Saul reinterpreted them, justifying his reinterpretation. Despite his conclusions, he developed his own version of God’s words.

How easily we can be like Saul, thinking that we understand God’s Word. We presume to know His will and are quick to justify our actions. But we’re instead reinterpreting His Word to fit our prejudices.

This is why it’s important to start everything with God Himself. He is not an idol that we can manipulate but the sovereign Creator. He has given us His timeless Word to take seriously. We dare not reinterpret it just to suit our purposes. But He also gives us the choice of how to respond.

If we want to be people after His heart, we will deepen our personal relationship with Him, putting everything else aside. Be humble in His presence. Desire to know the Bible intimately. Hunger for the purity of His Word.

Right now, assure Him that you seek first His kingdom. Ask Him to reveal His truth to you. Read His Word prayerfully and humbly. Hunger to hear from Him, careful not to develop your own interpretations.

Seek to be His servant. And submit your life to Him unconditionally.