The Price of Freedom

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

King Xerxes could not understand what had happened. It was 480 BC, and his huge Persian army had confronted a small force of Greeks at Thermopylae, in southeastern Greece. The dominant power in the world, Persia had expected little opposition, but these Greeks, made up largely of warriors from Sparta, surprised the Persians with their dedication.

What had happened? Historian Paul Cartledge described how the Spartans were fighting for ideals that were “dearer than mere life itself.” What drove them? Primarily it was “the ideal of freedom.”

This commitment astonished Xerxes. In fact, his aides had to explain why freedom was so important to the Greeks.

Although the Greek warriors technically lost the battle, their efforts set the groundwork for the ultimate victory that other Greeks achieved later that year at the battle of Salamis.

To this day, the Spartans who fought at Thermopylae continue to provide a model of a people committed to freedom, who realize that freedom really isn’t free, but requires men and women who are willing to stand and fight for what they believe.

Over the centuries, many peoples and nations have waged campaigns to achieve freedom—freedom from repression, freedom to vote, freedom to decide their future, and freedom to live according to their own beliefs.

This is the kind of commitment God wants us to have about our faith. Consider the example of Paul, who gave up everything to serve Him. In his time, many Believers faced the choice of being killed or giving in to compromise. Paul told them that they needed to surrender everything! They had to commit everything to Jesus, because nothing else really mattered except living for Him.

What kind of commitment do you have? Make your decision today. Declare that you will live for Him without compromise or reservation. Follow Jesus, and serve Him. Don’t hold back!