The Pressures of Life

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Joseph Caiaphas. Known in the New Testament simply as “Caiaphas,” he served as high priest for 18 years (from 18-36 AD), longer than any other high priest of that era.

Like all Jewish religious leaders of that time, he was a political appointee, and he was aware of the fact that he could be replaced at any time.

What seems clear from his longevity is that Caiaphas must have been particularly adept at pleasing the powers in Rome. He was sensitive to political realities and determined to satisfy his Roman masters.

When we read about these men in the Bible, we need to remember that they always had to be concerned about the interests of Rome. We see this when Jesus was brought before Caiaphas as the “chief priests and the elders of the people” worked together to plot Jesus’ death.

These religious leaders seem to have forgotten that they had been called to serve God, not man. They had drifted far from the directive God gave Moses, that priests were to “serve Me” (Exodus 28:41). Instead, Caiaphas and the other priests were dominated by politics.

All of us face these kinds of pressures and choices in our lives today. The Bible makes it clear that we are called by God. We are meant to seek first His Kingdom. We are beckoned to leave all behind, take up our cross daily, and follow Jesus.

This means we must resist the constant pressure to conform, to be concerned with the reactions of other people, to place higher priorities on jobs or relationships, or to pursue pleasures or riches.

Today, ask God to help you focus on the right priorities.