The Power of the Spirit

The Power of the Spirit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Who exactly is the Holy Spirit? What is He like? The disciples must have asked questions like these when Jesus told them they would receive power when the Spirit came. They must have wondered what would happen. Would He be a quiet force, just providing them with gentle reminders?

Their questions were answered on the Day of Pentecost when the Spirit came without warning. He came with a noise like a “violent, rushing wind.” He came not in meekness, but in power. He came in a rush with an overwhelming force. The disciples may not have seen His presence, but they heard it and felt it. He changed their lives and enabled them to perform miracles and disrupt the world.

This is the same Spirit that God has sent into your life. Yes, He is gentle and sometimes speaks in a still, small voice. But do not minimize His power or the impact He can make through you!

He can come with violence and power, shaking things up, empowering you in ways you cannot imagine. He can disrupt armies, stop storms, heal diseases, open doors that seem permanently closed, and enable you to do what seems impossible.

Today, ask God to open your eyes to the power that He has given you through His Spirit. Believe Him for miracles. Do not hold back, but allow Him to change you in order to touch lives and impact the world.