The Lord Lives!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Is God Dead?” These words, in flaming red against a black background, blazed across the cover of the April 8, 1966 issue of Time magazine. The cover story, in part, had been sparked by the work of theologian William Hamilton, who was called a “Christian Atheist.” He gained attention because he claimed to follow Jesus, yet sought to “redefine Christianity as a possibility without the presence of God.” He spread these ideas as a seminary professor, author, and lecturer.

There were many opportunities to reflect on Hamilton’s ideas after he died earlier this year. His obituary described how Hamilton “had questioned the existence of God since he was a teenager,” after two Christian friends were killed by a bomb they were building, “while a third—an atheist—escaped without a scratch.”

Many people have struggled with doubt and issues such as suffering. The Bible, for example, tells us about David’s struggles. At times, God seemed “deaf” (Psalm 28:1). At other times, God seemed “silent,” and David felt like “a stranger” (Psalm 39:12). Yet David knew that God was alive and that He was his rock, fortress, and deliverer.

All of us may go through moments of uncertainty. We must remember that God is real! How do we know? Not because of human logic or the opinions of others. No. We know because we have a personal relationship with Him—we know God.

Through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ, we know that our sins are forgiven. Through His Word, we know His power and authority. We have experienced answers to prayer, and we know His peace in our hearts. We’ve been guided by His Spirit within us.

How confident are you in God? How well do you know Him? Draw near to Him today!