The Lifeboat

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Henry Greathead spent much of his life around ships. Born on this day in 1757, he grew up to become a carpenter, having learned his craft aboard sailing ships. After establishing his own boat-building business, he became fascinated by the idea of building an unsinkable boat that could be used to save lives at sea.

In 1789, a ship sank in waters in the North Sea, not far from his shop. The entire crew was lost even though the ship was only 300 yards from shore. The problem? The sea was too rough for normal boats to reach the sailors.

As a result of this disaster, a prize was offered for the design of a boat that might have saved that crew. The winning model was entrusted to Greathead, whose assignment was to build the boat. While guided by the winning design, Greathead made several modifications. The result was the first specially designed lifeboat, aptly named the Original. Over the next 40 years, this special craft saved many lives.

Greathead continued the work of designing and building lifeboats, improving as he gained experience. Fourteen years after launching the Original, he had completed 31 more crafts.

The lifeboat presents a picture that applies to our spiritual lives. Many people feel that they are sinking beneath the burdens of life. But Jesus provides hope. He is there, ready to save. He is by your side, ready to rescue you!