The Kingdoms of this World

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For a thousand years, the Holy Roman Empire was a dominant force in the world, controlling the fate of millions of people. After the fall of the original Roman Empire in 476 AD, many people hoped for something to arise that would reclaim Rome’s glories.

Faced with declining power and growing worries, the popes turned to the Franks, a tribe that controlled much of what is now France. The Holy Roman Empire was born on Christmas Day, 800 AD, when Pope Leo III crowned Charlemagne (who was king of the Franks) as emperor of the Romans.

Eventually, power in the empire shifted toward the Germanic tribes. But by the 18th century the Holy Roman Empire was playing a diminished role in world politics. Finally, on this day in 1806, it was formally dissolved. After defeating many of the states within the empire, Napoleon created a Confederation of the Rhine.

The once-mighty empire had come to an end, a mere relic of history. Its glories and all its power are but faded memories.

As we look at the international scene today, other nations dominate the headlines. Yet, even in our lifetime, we have seen nations rise and fall. We’ve seen the impact of shifting borders and conflicts. We’ve seen alliances formed and then dissolved. We’ve witnessed disputes, wars, and constant threats.

Yes, the kingdoms of this world can momentarily seem permanent and dominant. Yet the Bible reminds us that, in reality, they all are just temporary. It is God’s kingdom that will last forever. And He will reign forever and ever!

Make sure that you have the right priorities, seeking first God’s Kingdom. Focus on the King who will reign forever, and make sure He is your Lord.