The King Eternal

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Jonathan Edwards was filled with questions. His father had been a pastor in colonial America. Yet Edwards, born in 1703, was compelled to understand truth for himself.

As a student at Yale University, he prayed, read the Word, and heard many sermons. Finally, as he studied 1 Timothy, he had a revelation and gained “a new sense of things.” The revelation? God alone is King. He is “eternal, immortal, invisible.”

Armed with this insight, he entered the ministry. Soon his heart burned with concern that many believers were living in sin. After he preached a series of sermons, a revival broke out in December 1734. People by the thousands turned to the Lord.

Whole families and towns were changed. Businesses closed because of the great hunger for God. Churches were packed with people eager to hear from God. Revival spread from community to community.

This was part of the beginning of the early years of the Great Awakening, a powerful revival that changed the colonies. It began after Edwards committed himself wholeheartedly to seek, serve, and obey God.

Could another Great Awakening take place in our time? God is the same. But how many men and women are sold out for Him, as Jonathan Edwards was?

Ask God to give you this kind of hunger. Pray and seek His face. Devour His Word. Pray for a move of His Spirit and that people would turn from their sins.