The Great Awakening

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It was a message that changed the world. The sermon, called “Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God,” was delivered by Jonathan Edwards on this day in 1741.

We can imagine how many in that congregation had been satisfied with their lives and content with sinful behavior. But Edwards reminded them that God hated sin and could “cast wicked men into hell at any moment.”

Many deserved judgment, Edwards explained, but they were being spared only because “God’s appointed time is not come.” He went on to describe what happened to the Israelites when they forgot the “wonderful works” God had done for them.

Edwards warned, “How dreadful is the state of those that are daily and hourly in the danger of this great wrath and infinite misery! But this is the dismal case of every soul in this congregation that has not been born again.” He concluded by saying, “Let everyone that is out of Christ, now awake and fly from the wrath to come.”

Many responded. They wanted to be right with God. This spark helped ignite “The Great Awakening,” as thousands throughout America and the world committed their lives to Christ.

Today, what the Bible calls “sin” often is considered acceptable by society. By the millions, people don’t realize that they will give an account to God of their thoughts, words, and deeds. They don’t realize the impact of sin on their lives or their community.

Ask God to search your heart and mind. Confess your sins. Make sure that you are clean in His sight. Pray for revival—for a Great Awakening in our time.