The Gospel

The Gospel

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Born into slavery in 1750, George Liele seemed like an unlikely evangelist. But his life was transformed when he heard the Gospel proclaimed. Liele realized that he was condemned by sin, and his only hope was to trust in Jesus.

Hungry to share this life-changing message, Liele was freed by his master, Henry Sharp, a deacon in his church, who encouraged Liele to devote his life to ministry. As a result of this outreach, so many gave their hearts to Jesus that a church was established in South Carolina. When the Revolutionary War disrupted their lives, Liele and members of his congregation moved to Savannah, Georgia, where they met in a barn.

As the war intensified, Liele obtained a loan and accepted the status of indentured servant to pay the passage for himself, his wife, and his four children on a ship bound for Jamaica. He soon repaid the debt and secured permission to preach to the slaves on the island. Receiving no financial assistance, he supported his family by farming and transporting goods with a wagon.

It was not an easy life. He was harassed and even imprisoned for “agitating the slaves.” But he continued to proclaim the Gospel, leading to thousands of converts.

The Bible reminds us that God looks for people like George Liele – men and women committed to serving Him. Anyone can share the Gospel, regardless of background or race, education or age, young or old.