The Fields are White for Harvest

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Although H. Frances Davidson felt called to serve God, there were many obstacles. Why? Because she was a woman. Yet she persevered, because she had a firm conviction about God’s call on her life.

Born on this day in 1860, she became the first woman from the Brethren in Christ Church to earn an M.A. degree, and in 1897 she became one of that denomination’s first missionaries to travel to Africa.

When Frances and her companions arrived in Africa, it became clear that she was the leader of the group. Others respected her spiritual maturity and recognized how God was using her. Yet some were not comfortable with a woman playing such a predominant role.

She found herself breaking the mold of people’s expectations. In the process, she blazed new trails for women in missions. Remembered as being an important pioneer, thousands of other women have followed her lead and given themselves to serve God in foreign missions.

Today, the mission fields still are white for harvest. God is looking for both men and women who are willing to dedicate their lives to reaching the Lost, saving Souls, and changing lives.

No matter if you are a man or woman, old or young, rich or poor, ask God to give you a passion for Souls. Remember that you can have a vital role in reaching the world with the Gospel. And your financial gifts can support others who are evangelizing the world.

You also can pray for missionaries and for organizations like Inspiration Ministries that are reaching Souls through the media. Pray for doors to open and for lives to be changed.

Remember: Despite any obstacles, God can use you to reach the nations. Dedicate your life and your resources to serving Him and advancing His Kingdom.