The Critical Issue

The Critical Issue

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

More than four hundred prophets of Baal stood before Elijah on Mount Carmel. They were backed by the entire political and military elite (including the king and queen of Israel).

It would have been easy for Elijah to feel outnumbered or just give up. That is exactly how some onlookers reacted. Elijah told them to take a stand either for God or Baal. But they did nothing, perhaps they were too afraid to believe or didn’t have enough faith.

But Elijah knew that God was on his side. No matter more how things appeared, God had more power than any force on earth. He did not care how loudly the prophets shouted or how much they made fun of him. By faith, Elijah trusted God. The result was a great miracle. The false prophets were completely defeated.

Today, many people are like those false prophets. They don’t hesitate to defy God and mock anyone who believes in Him. How do we react? Some are like those bystanders who seemed willing to concede defeat. But others are like Elijah, willing to stand up to the forces of darkness.

Why about you? Just as He did on Mt. Carmel, God can help you experience victory and defeat your adversaries. You can trust Him, regardless of the size of your opponents. Remember, you have God in your side! He is with you. Trust Him. No one can prevail against you!