The Coming of the Word

The Coming of the Word

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Word of God was given to Jeremiah. It “came” to him. This was not a ministry that he chose, for God said that he had been formed in the womb. He had been “consecrated” and appointed a “prophet to the nations.”

In fact, the messages he delivered were not his own. The words he spoke did not originate in his own heart or mind. They had nothing to do with his personal feelings or opinions. Instead, he was God’s messenger, delivering His words. His task was to go where God sent him, and speak the words he was given.

Throughout his life, these words “came” to him. God used him because he was faithful and trustworthy. So central was this theme to his ministry that the phrase “the word of God came” appears an astonishing 42 times in this book! Many similar phrases make the same point.

Even though he simply was God’s messenger, Jeremiah often was attacked and criticized. He was accused of manipulation, interjecting his own opinions, and being a false prophet.

On one occasion, some people wanted him to pray on their behalf. He promised, “I will tell you the whole message which the Lord will answer you.” But, when he delivered the words God gave him, they accused him of “telling a lie! The Lord our God has not sent you” (Jeremiah 42-43).

Jeremiah provides the model of the servant whom God can use. These people do not have their own agenda but are committed to serve Him. They wait for Him to lead them and they listen for His voice. They are always ready to obey Him, completely surrendered.

In your life, seek to be this kind of servant. Wait on God. Know His Word. Seek the leading of His Spirit. And be ready to obey.