Thankful Every Day

Thankful Every Day

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

The children of Israel were commanded by God to make thanksgiving peace offerings. These offerings had to be made every day! No leftovers were permitted.

Through this commandment, God was teaching a principle: Being thankful must be a daily habit. We are to give thanks each day. If we aren’t thankful, we can start taking our blessings and even God for granted.

God knew how quickly we can forget. What was new and exciting yesterday soon becomes used and old. New styles might excite us one day but lose their luster the next. Eagerly anticipated events may arrive but soon are forgotten.

This easily can happen in our spiritual lives. When faced with problems, we might seek God earnestly yet become complacent when the problem has passed. We can feel close to Him when we have a spiritual high but soon forget those glorious moments.

How easily we can become consumed with daily life and even stop thinking about God. How quickly we can stop reading His Word, let our love for Him grow cold, and take Him for granted.

Don’t let this happen to you! Pause to think about all that He has done for you. Remember the times He has answered your prayers, guided you, and met your needs. Right now, offer a sacrifice of thanksgiving. Praise Him. Worship Him. Thank Him. Be specific. And remember to cultivate a spirit of thankfulness.