Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

A person might be considered for leadership in the early church for many reasons: Reputation. Name recognition. Popularity. Family connections. But regardless of any other factor, Paul established this principle: All leaders were to be tested.

This was true regardless of their previous backgrounds. A person might have a high profile position such as a politician, athlete, business owner, educator, or celebrity. But, regardless of their background or rank in the world, they all needed to be tested from a spiritual perspective.

Paul knew from experience the dangers that could result from being in prominence. As leaders, they would be under greater scrutiny. They would face a variety of spiritual attacks and need to make sensitive decisions.

Leaders need to be prepared for intensified attention, criticism, questions, and even rejection. Many put in these positions might fail or fall short.

The Bible reminds us that testing is an important feature of our relationship with God. He continually works to refine us to eliminate impurities, teach us, and help us mature as believers so we can fulfill our potential. This testing is central to our preparation that we might serve Him most effectively and be ready for every challenge.

In your life, remember to cooperate with God and be sensitive to the work of His Spirit. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being tested and refined. Ask God for discernment in all your decisions.