Supplying Our Needs

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Israelites faced overwhelming needs, including trying to find food in the wilderness. Miraculously, He provided manna that met every need.

But the needs were different, from person to person. Some needed more. Some needed less. God provided everyone with just enough.

The only condition was that they gather this manna fresh every day. Every day (except the Sabbath) they were to eat what they gathered. In fact, Moses warned, “Do not keep any of it until morning.”

But some “didn’t listen,” and kept some manna until the next day. Perhaps they thought they would outsmart Moses or test the limits. Perhaps they thought they would get a head start or save time and energy. Perhaps some thought they were prudent and planning ahead.

Regardless of their rationale, they missed the point. They found that the manna became “full of maggots and had a terrible smell.” The only way they could get manna was to gather it fresh every day.

This provides a perfect picture of the way we get spiritual food from God. We need to spend time with Him every day. To read the Word, pray, and worship God each day. If we do not, our spiritual lives can become stagnant.

This principle also applies in the physical realm. God promises to meet our needs, each day, as we trust Him. Jesus taught this principle when He told His disciples to pray, “Give us our food for today” (Matthew 6:11 CEV).

Today, make a commitment to spend time with God. May this become a habit. And believe that He will provide your every need.