Supernatural Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

On this day in 1752, Ben Franklin conducted an experiment that changed the course of history. He had suspected that lightning was an electrical current in nature, and he wanted to see if he was right.

So Franklin took a metal key and used a kite to get that key near lightning. When a storm cloud passed over the kite, the negative charges in the cloud leaked onto his kite, his kite string, his key, and a Leyden jar attached to the key by a thin metal wire.

When he touched the key, Franklin received a shock. He had made an important discovery that led to unlocking the power of electricity.

This discovery ultimately would lead to development of the light bulb. It also would change the way people interact and revolutionize transportation and industry.

Electricity may be a powerful force, but its power pales in comparison with the spiritual power God has made available to each Believer—not only in the early church, but still today.

Jesus told His disciples they would receive an amazing kind of power that could transform their lives. It was supernatural, miracle-working power. They would share the Gospel with people in Jerusalem and throughout the world. Their preaching would be accompanied by power to heal and perform miracles.

The same power of the Holy Spirit is present and available today. He can heal diseases and transform your life through the same power Jesus described.

Surrender your life fully to Him, and allow His power to flow through you to change the world for Jesus. Be willing to use your time, talent, and treasure so that others might be saved.