Streams in the Desert

Streams in the Desert

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Who could have predicted that Lettie Cowman would have such an impact? Born in 1870 on this day in Iowa, both Lettie and her husband, Charles, were dedicated believers. Feeling the call to missions, they left for Japan in 1900.

While their ministry produced much fruit, it also took a toll on Charles health. As a way of encouraging her husband, Lettie began collecting inspirational thoughts and writing her own. Soon she had gathered a significant number of messages.

Because her devotionals had helped Charles so much, Lettie continued writing and editing when they returned to the US. She eventually published her writings in a collection titled Streams in the Desert.

Never having lofty ambitions, she gave copies to a few friends. Then word began spreading about her work, so she printed a few more copies. But requests continued pouring in. Responding to the demand, the book was translated into many languages and distributed worldwide.

Lettie Cowman had such impact because she was sensitive to God’s leading and faithful with what she had. She became a powerful example of how God can use anyone, how He can speak to us through the events of our lives.

Remember that God can use you! He has given you unique gifts and talents that can be a blessing to others. Be sensitive to the leading of His Spirit. Seek to be a faithful servant, always ready to serve Him, and ready to use the resources and ideas He gives you.