Spiritual Couch Potatoes

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Being a “couch potato.” This colorful term has become a standard description of the lifestyle of millions of people, as they sit around idly and let others entertain them.

According to legend, this term was invented somewhat spontaneously during a telephone conversation in 1976 by a man who opposed exercise and a healthy diet. Instead, he wanted to vegetate in front of the television and eat junk food.

This may have been a humorous comment, but the impact of this habit has been serious, leading to poorer general health and greater obesity. Nonetheless, television viewing continues to reach record levels.

On average, Americans spend more than 34 hours per week watching television (plus almost five hours more each week watching video on the Internet on a computer). Many more hours are spent watching on smart phone, tablets, or other devices.

At the same time, many Christians have become spiritual “couch potatoes.” Sitting on the sidelines, they want to watch and let others do the work of God’s Kingdom. They forget that God has called each of us and given us all a role to play. Paul wrote that ministry depends on each person doing their part, fulfilling their God-given assignment.

Today, ask yourself if you are being a spiritual coach potato. What are you doing with the time, talent, and treasure that God has given to you? Are you investing your resources in His Kingdom?

Don’t sit idly by and assume that others will do the work. God has given you resources, time, and opportunities. Do your part. Get involved in sharing the Gospel. And give of your resources so that the Lost might be reached.