Spirit Power

Spirit Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

Francis Beaufort knew from experience how wind could impact vessels at sea. Born in Ireland on this day in 1774, he began his naval career when he was only thirteen. As a young man, he became interested in the weather and started to write down his comments and observations.

Refining his methods, he introduced a scale that could estimate wind strengths without instruments. It was a system based on observations. He began applying his development in his personal meteorological journals. He created a notation consisting of the wind force and a code describing the state of the sky and weather. He even described cloud conditions and types of precipitation.

His system was so successful that in 1833, the British Admiralty mandated the use of his weather notations for all log entries in the British Navy. Some of his charts are still used today, nearly 200 years after they were developed.

Beaufort developed these resources because he personally experienced the power of the wind. Even though somewhat measurable, the wind remained mysterious, yet mighty.

Jesus taught that the Holy Spirit is like the wind. The Spirit packs huge power and moves in mysterious ways. But the Spirit’s power is available to all believers and is central to living a victorious Christian life.

Seek to live in the power of the Spirit. Learn to be more sensitive to His leading. Let Him teach you, guide you, and fill you with His power.