Filled with the Spirit and Power

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

There was trouble in the land. And God knew that people would cry out to Him. But He warned that He would not answer but “hide His face from them.” Why? Because “they have practiced evil deeds.” They had defied Him and violated His Word.

This was a time when it was important to know the Truth. To know why He was not responding. To understand what they had done. To realize the consequences of not listening to His voice or failing to have the right understanding.

Many so-called “prophets” were delivering messages that seemed popular. Messages they claimed that declared God’s Word. But He had not sent them, or inspired their messages. In fact, they were misleading His people.

But God knew who they were and what they had done. He promised to correct and silence them. That it would be night for them. They would be “ashamed” and “embarrassed.” Indeed, “they will all cover their mouths because there is no answer from God.”

These would have been circumstances in which it could have been difficult to stand up against the joined voices of these false prophets, to deliver messages that might not seem popular. But Micah realized that God had given him all he needed.

He recognized that God had filled him with power, and “the Spirit of the LORD.” Because of His presence, he could speak with boldness.

This is the impact of being confident in our relationship with God. Being in tune with Him, and filled with His Spirit. Through His presence, we can recognize truth from deception. But we also can have the boldness and courage to obey Him. Regardless of popular opinion, to stand firm in serving Him. To be faithful servants.