So Much to Ponder

So Much to Ponder

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

People had varied reactions to Jesus’ birth. Some had questions. Some were amazed. Some overwhelmed. But His mother treasured these events, pondering them. The Greek word here was used only six times in the Bible, all by Luke. This word suggests combining or throwing together. It is often used to describe conversations or conferences, where different points of view are exchanged.

The sense is that Mary’s mind was filled with thoughts, perhaps conflicting thoughts. She was left wondering what it all meant. She reflected on what had happened and thought about the baby who just had been born.

Seeing how others reacted, she still pondered. She must have wondered why she had been chosen for this assignment and what would happen in the future. She must have wondered about God’s purposes for her and her Son.

For many, Christmas celebrations seem to be superficial – giving and receiving gifts, shopping, and entertaining. Yet Mary’s response reminds us of deeper truths. These are moments to put aside our prejudices and opinions, be humbled, come face to face with Jesus, and ponder.

How do you respond to His birth? Ask God to speak to you in a fresh way. Think about Jesus. His life. His ministry. His message. His death and resurrection. Ponder the power of the Gospel and the transformation He offers. He forgives sins and heals broken bodies, even today. So much to ponder!